Spot welding head 0 – 10 ” | WH2125

Spot welding head 0 - 10
The SEK500 and SEK600 series weld heads provide precision and repeatability for thousands of dollars less than similar weld heads. The SEK weld head activates the weld at a user defined pressure setting. This ensures that welds will be repeatable for small and large production runs. .
sek500 sek600系列焊接头和所提供的精度和可重复性,数千美元,低于同类焊接头。瑞典克朗焊接头焊缝在激活一个用户定义的压力设定。这保证了焊缝将重复的小的和大的生产运行。。
The SEK500 series is designed to meet the needs of the battery manufacturing sector, while the SEK600 series weld heads are designed for general fine spot opposed resistance welding. The SEK500A and SEK600A are air actuated while the SEK500B and SEK600B use a foot pedal to lower the weld head. Air actuation has advantages in ease of use and convenience for high volume applications. The manual foot pedal weld heads have a lower initial cost and are well suited for short periods of use.
sek500系列的设计符合电池制造业的需求,而sek600系列焊接头的设计一般细斑相对电阻焊。sek500a sek600a是气动的,而使用脚踏sek600b sek500b和降低焊接头。空气驱动的高容量应用程序易于使用和方便的优点。手动脚踏板焊接头有一个初始成本低,适合短时间的使用。

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