Benchtop laser micro-welder LZR series

Benchtop laser micro-welder LZR series Sunstone Engineering
The LZR60 and LZR100 laser welding machines provide a powerful tabletop machine with all the technological and engineering benefits of other larger models. This small machine delivers a higher-duty cycle that meets the demanding work needs, with professional results, and for far less than larger machines a truly significant benefit for any budget. The LZR models need only 21-1/2″W x 24″D x 18″H of workspace and weigh less than 100 pounds; they’re easy to move and set up, easy to use and easy to maintain..
lzr60 lzr100的和激光焊接机提供了一个强大的桌面机与所有其他较大的模型技术和工程效益。这个小机器提供了一个更高的占空比,满足苛刻的工作需求,提供专业的结果,和远远少于大机器的任何预算的真正意义。LZR模型只需要21-1 / 2“宽x 24“D x 18“H的工作空间和重量小于100磅;他们很容易移动和安装,易于使用和易于维护的。
Specific benefits of the LZR Lasers include:
Larger opening in the weld chamber provides access for larger pieces and allows you to work more freely inside..
Pulse-shape settings allow you to configure your pulse to take advantage of specific metallurgic characteristics..
Memory cells allow you to save up to 32 individual, specific configurations for your most-used applications..
Small footprint fits easily into any shop..
Affordable take advantage of laser welding at a cost that is truly budget friendly..
Superior, high-efficiency components run cooler, reducing stress on critical-wear parts, for notably longer service life and greatly reduced maintenance.

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