Spot welding head / pneumatic 0 – 10 ” | WH1125

Spot welding head / pneumatic 0 - 10
The WH1125 weld heads offer precision and repeatability at an affordable price. The WH1125 weld heads offer opposed, or series, weld electrodes and are ideal for general fine spot opposed resistance welding. Once connected, these weld heads can be adjusted for your particular application. The weld head#8217;s electrodes pressure can be adjusted to ensure a strong weld. Head travel height ranges from 0 to 10 inches..
wh1125焊接头提供的精度和可重复性在一个合理的价格。wh1125焊接头提供的反对,或系列,焊接电极和一般细斑反对电阻焊接是比较理想的。一旦连接,这些焊接头可以调整为特定的应用程序。焊接头# 8217;电极压力可以调节,确保一个强有力的焊接。头行程高度范围从0到10英寸..
The WH1125A weld heads are pneumatic weld heads that require an air compressor. Any size compressor will work since the weld head comes equipped with a pressure regulator. Once connected, the air pressure and head travel speed can be set to any preference. Welds are quickly and easily made with each compression of the included foot pedal switch..
The WH1125M weld heads are manually operated. These weld heads require manually lowering the weld head#8217;s electrodes by means of an extension lever and pedal. Pressing on the pedal results in smooth vertical head travel for precision and control when welding.
wh1125m焊接头都是手动的。这些焊接头需要手动降低焊接头# 8217;电极的接杆和踏板装置。按压踏板的结果在平滑的垂直头行程精密控制焊接时。

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