Wire bonder 30 – 1200 mg | MWH1000 Opposed

Wire bonder 30 - 1200 mg | MWH1000 Opposed Sunstone Engineering
MWH1000 Low Force Weld Heads.
Sunstone’s New MWH1000 Weld Heads provide the ability to perform precise, low inertial welds. These Micro Weld Heads are designed for delicate parallel gap welds such as thermocompression bonding, and reflow soldering. A compound lever force system ensures accurate, repeatable welding force ranging from 30 to 1200 grams..
The MWH1000 features Sunstone Technology which provides users with benefits not found with other micro, low-force weld heads. Features and benefits include:
Self-Calibration System.
Factory Pre-Calibrated.
Users can Calibrate the Weld Head as well.
Digital Force Adjustments – Precision and Repeatability.
Digital Save Settings – Store and Recall up to 10 Force Settings.
High Accuracy – Within /- 5 grams for low-force applications.
高精度内/ 5克的低力的应用。
The MWH1000 Low Force Weld Heads offer precision and repeatability at an affordable price. The MWH1000 micro weld heads come standard with parallel gap electrodes. Once connected to a Sunstone Spot Welder power supply, these micro weld heads can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of applications. In addition, a variety of fixed and adjustable gap electrode as well as reflow soldering tips are available.

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