PA230 弧焊机 | Micro-welder 230 W 弧焊机

Micro-welder 230 W | PA230 Sunstone Engineering
Sunstone Engineering has designed the most powerful and robust micro pulse arc welder on the market #8211; the Orion PA 230 ws Pulse Arc Welder. The Orion PA 230 is ideal for industrial applications like mold repair, medical devices, and unique welding solutions. Sunstone Technology is infused into the Orion PA 230 to deliver power, repeatability, adjustability and affordability..太石工程的最强大和最强大的微冲电弧焊机市场# 8211猎户座PA 230 WS冲弧焊机。猎户座PA 230是用于工业应用如模具维修医疗备的理想择和独特的焊接决方案。太石技术注入到猎户座PA 230提供电力可复性应性和承受力的。The Orion PA 230 is also perfect for laboratories, universities as well as research and development facilities. Designed for maximum versatility and control, the Orion PA 230 can be adjusted for extremely fine welds to very large welds. A variety of metal alloys and different thicknesses can be welded at a touch of a button..猎户座PA 230也是完美的实室大学以及研究和开发施。最大的灵活性和控制猎户座PA 230可以整为极细的焊接大焊。各种属合和不同厚度的可焊接在摸一个按。Below is a list of some of the other features and benefits of the Orion Pulse Arc 230:下是一些的猎户座冲电弧230的其他特点和优点The Orion PA 230 Contains:猎户座PA 230包含3-230 Joules of Power (with precision increments of 1).3-230焦的电力1精度的增。Large LCD display.大屏幕液晶显示。3-in-1 Capabilities.三力。Advanced User Controls.先的用户控件。Advanced Internal Monitoring.先的内监控。Stereo Microscope with Optical Shutter, Light, and 5x / 10x Magnification.光学快光的立体显微和5 / 10倍的放大倍率。Pulse Arc Welding Stylus.冲电弧焊接笔。Pulse Arc Alligator Clip.冲电弧夹。Tack Brass Lined Pliers.。Power Cable and Foot Switch.电力电缆、开关。5 Tungsten Electrodes (0.5mm) with Collet.5电极0.5mm与夹头。5 Tungsten Electrodes (1.0mm) with Collet.5电极1.0mm与夹头。10 Feet of Tygon Tubing.10尺的乙烯管。1 Diamond Dremel Disk.1石打磨盘。1 Glass Brush1玻璃刷

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