MWH2000 Opposed | Wire bonder 450 – 2000 g 焊接头

Wire bonder 450 - 2000 g | MWH2000 Opposed Sunstone Engineering
Sunstone’s New MWH2000 Opposed Micro Weld Heads provide the ability to perform precise, low inertial welds. These Constant Force Micro Weld Heads are designed for delicate opposed or through-welding applications. A compound lever force system ensures accurate, repeatable welding force ranging from 450 to 2000 grams..太石的新mwh2000反对微焊接头提供执精确的力低惯性焊接。些常数力微焊接头是专为精的反对或焊接中的应用。复合杠杆力系统确保精确的可复的焊接力围从450到2000克。The MWH2000 features Sunstone Technology which provides users with benefits not found with other micro, low-force weld heads. Features and benefits include:mwh2000特征的太石技术为用户提供未发现与其他微效益低力焊接头。特点和优点包括Self-Calibration System.校准系统。Factory Pre-Calibrated.工厂校准。Users can Calibrate the Weld Head as well.用户可以对焊接头和。Digital Force Adjustments – Precision and Repeatability.数字力的整精度和复性。Digital Save Settings – Store and Recall up to 10 Force Settings.数字保存置存储和用多10力置。High Accuracy – Within /- 15 grams for light-force applications.精度内/ 15克力的应用。Constant Weld Force.恒定的焊接力。The MWH2000 Constant Force Microjoining Weld Heads offer precision and repeatability at an affordable price. The MWH2000 opposed micro weld heads come standard with opposed set electrodes. Once connected to a Sunstone Spot Welder power supply, these micro weld heads can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of applications. In addition, a variety of other constant force electrode accessories are available.mwh2000恒力的微接焊接头提供的精度和复性在一个合理的价格。mwh2000反对的微焊接头的标准备相对置电极。一旦接到太石点焊机电源些微焊接头可以整以满各种应用的。此外其他各种恒力电极件可。

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